Delegation – Why is it so important?
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Delegation – Why is it so important?

Delegation is an area that most of us managers and leaders believe we do all the time. My question is do we do it right?

According to John Hunt (London Business School) “only 30% of managers and leaders believe they delegate effectively and of those, only 1 in 3 is considered a good delegator by their subordinates and colleagues.” So if we consider our own delegation practices, do we truly believe in the importance of delegation, because if we did, we would do it right…surely!

Why don’t we delegate?

In order to understand this, I think it is key to consider the reasons why we may not delegate effectively or indeed at all:

The benefits of delegation

When I look at these statements I can openly admit that the control freak and time issues are my main problems with delegation. So how can I improve my delegation ability? Well I think the first thing I need to do is remind myself of the benefits of effective delegation:

More benefits include

Tips to improve your delegation skills

So when you look at all of these benefits, surely it is a “no brainer” to delegate more effectively? My view is yes and here are a few tips to help:

Delegation Trump style!

After having considered why delegation is so important to leaders and managers, it has made me think about the latest news on the US elections and the challenges that Donald Trump will now be facing, I wonder how effectively he will delegate the numerous promises (therefore tasks) he has made within his campaign and whether when selecting his key presidential support roles, he has truly selected his staff based on the most appropriate skills? I shall leave you to ponder that question…….!

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