Why online learning is great!
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Why online learning is great!

Online learning is readily available. The internet, computers, laptops, smart phones and Apps have created a world where everything is at our finger tips.  We use it for everything including grocery shopping, hunting for that perfect present or booking your next  holiday. (Yes, I am already trying to book my next break!). So, I thought I would give you the top 7 reasons why using all this technology is great for learning and developing yourself.  You can enhance your own career by evidencing your personal commitment to your professional development:

Learn at your own convenience

With more and more demand on our time both within and outside of work, it is a luxury to be able to attend a course within the day and during the week. Therefore being able to pick up your learning whenever it suits you is the key.  Not only will it engage you, put will allow you to enjoy your much needed downtime without worrying about your course.

Little and often

Online learning should be broken down in to small chunks. This will not only maximise your attention, but you will also retain what you have learned for longer.

Variety is the spice of life

Online learning should cater to a variety of learning styles; Video for you readers and visual learners. Written activities for you read/write learners. Practical activities for you kinaesthetic learners. Discussion forums and virtual one-to-ones for you aural learners.

Recap and Revisit

If something hasn’t quite stuck with you then you can revisit your videos and resources. This helps you to grasp the topic, which is less time consuming than having to revisit your class notes. Or even more time consuming, arranging an appointment to see your class room taught course tutor.


Consider the cost of your valuable time, your travel to a class room taught course and whatever refreshments you may need to buy whilst on your course. Compare this to studying and achieving your professional qualification such as an ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management) Diploma in Leadership and Management through online study. You’ll find it is both cost effective and time efficient.

Use your time twice

Study whilst on the move, whether through your smartphone, tablet or laptop on the train, plane or bus, or whether you are listening to a podcast through you’re your car radio – this ensures you become more time efficient in the use of your time.

Start now

Most class room courses will have a set start date and enrolment dates, so if you miss those dates then you will have to wait for the next intake. Online learning gives you the opportunity to start your learning as soon as you like with no enrolment or start date restrictions.

If you are now convinced that online learning is the best way for you to secure your next professional qualification such as an ILM Certificate in Leadership and Management or an Award in Education and Training, then visit our online school and start your studying now at https://professional-futures-ltd.thinkific.com/

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