ILM Leadership and Management Level 4 Diploma Classroom
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ILM Leadership and Management Level 4 Diploma Classroom

Course Information

The ILM Level 4 (equivalent to 1st year at degree level) in Leadership and Management is an accredited qualification (City and Guilds of London Institute) which is recognised and valued on a worldwide basis. This Diploma covers a wide range of topics and is specifically aimed at middle managers who have people management responsibility. This programme has been devised by a practising manager and leader to cover some of the people management issues that we face when we lead.

You will attend live lessons virtually via Zoom or Teams –  this means that you will get the benefit of full teacher and fellow student interaction but from the comfort of your own home or workplace.

You will study a minimum of 7 topics and these will be published in the course factsheet. The following are some of the available units:

Delegating authority in the workplace – you will learn how to effectively delegate to your staff so that they are developed and not just dumped on.

Developing Individual Mental Toughness – You will learn about how to develop the mental toughness of your team and your own mental toughness so that you are more able to deal with challenge both in work and at home

Motivating People in the Workplace – you will learn the key principles of motivation and how to get the best performance from yourself and your team

Management Communication – you will learn about the different communication methods used within organisations today and consider how to make your communication as effective as possible

Managing and Implementing Change – you will learn how to effectively manage and implement change in the workplace and understand the issues faced by staff when change is introduced.

Understanding the management role to improve performance –

You will be able to demonstrate your understanding of the middle management role and be able to plan your own development. You will cover:
Goals and objectives, specific roles and responsibilities of the middle manager, interpersonal and communication skills plus their barriers along with much more..

Managing Meetings – You will develop your understanding and ability to manage meetings as required by a practising or potential middle manager. You will learn about the different types and purpose of meetings, how to ensure that meetings are as effective as possible to ensure that objectives are achieved. You will also learn about how to control meetings and develop your assertiveness and negotiation skills plus more.

Managing Equality and Diversity in own area – you will be able to evaluate and influence the management of equality and diversity law, legislation and internal policies within your own area of responsibility.

Managing personal development – you will learn how to take responsibility for managing your own personal work related development, with guidance and support from others.

Course Delivery


Entry Requirements

This qualification is designed for new and aspiring department heads, regional team leaders and other middle managers –it will really help you get to grips with the role, gain comprehensive business knowledge and develop the skills you need to lead at this level.

There are no real entry requirements to this course though we will check that you are in an appropriate position to be able to fulfil some of the assessment requirements. We will also check that you have had a good level of experience either within leadership/management and/or studied on a leadership/management qualification (or equivalent) prior.

An informal telephone conversation or email will usually suffice to ensure that this qualification is suitable for you.

Course Duration

Start date: TBC

Finish date: TBC

The course is planned for 1 year, each lesson is 2 hours in duration and planned for evenings starting at 18.30 and finishing at 20.30

It is suggested that you allocate at least 3 hours per week for your study to ensure that you progress through the course at a reasonable rate.

Course Price