Qualsafe Education and Training Level 3 Award Classroom
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Qualsafe Education and Training Level 3 Award Classroom

Course Information

This course is suitable for new and existing trainers who want to develop their skills and gain the nationally recognised Education and Training Qualification. This Award is also the government standard minimum qualification for trainers delivering publicly funded courses.

Over a 5 day period, you will build an understanding of the specific roles and responsibilities related to planning and delivering inclusive training sessions. You will receive 48 guided learning hours and will need to undertake approximately 25 hours of self-directed study, so it is important to plan in time for both the training days and for completing all necessary assessments and paperwork in your own work time.

Throughout this course, you will learn about the following aspects of education and training:

  • How adults learn
  • Equality and diversity in training
  • Training needs analysis and setting learning objectives
  • Planning participative training
  • Training methods and techniques
  • Delivering training
  • Assessing learning and evaluating training skills

The Learning Outcomes of the course are:

  • To understand the role, responsibilities and boundaries in relation to teaching
  • To understand and be aware of appropriate teaching and learning approaches in their specialist area
  • To demonstrate session planning skills
  • To develop an understanding of the delivery of inclusive sessions which motivate participants
  • To provide an understanding of the use of different assessment methods and the importance of record keeping

Course Delivery


Entry Requirements

You must be at least 19 years old on the first day of the training. There are no other formal entry requirements but to benefit from the learning we advise that you consider a subject for delivery and hold the relevant qualifications and/or experience in your chosen area of expertise to be able to deliver it.


Other course requirements

There is a minimum requirement for you to take part in microteaching. Microteaching is an activity where you will prepare and deliver a short teaching and learning session to your peers and then evaluate their practice.

Course Duration

Start Date: TBC

Finish Date: TBC

The course is planned for 5 consecutive weeks, each lesson is 6 hours in duration and planned for full day delivery starting at 09.00 and finishing at 16.00

It is suggested that you allocate at least 3 hours per week for your study to ensure that you progress through the course at a reasonable rate.

Course Price