Developing Professional Practice (5DVP) – take our quiz!
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Developing Professional Practice (5DVP) – take our quiz!

Developing Professional Practice helps HR professionals to gain confidence, knowledge and skills.  Helping you to advance along your chosen career path. The CIPD have a compulsory unit (5DVP) on the level 5 programme that addresses these areas.

What’s included in the 5DVP unit?

This unit is designed to enable you to develop a sound understanding of the knowledge, skills and behaviours required by human resources (HR) professionals. Covering group dynamics and conflict resolution methods, the unit covers the competencies needed by you. Whether working as a HR professional in a personal capacity, when collaborating and working with others. The unit also touches on Project management and problem solving techniques. This includes the skills required by you when functioning efficiently and effectively in a wider organisational context. Finally, the unit enables you to assess your own strengths and identify a continuing professional development (CPD) plan. There’s  lots involved but don’t worry, we’ve broken the assignment into smaller sections making it easier for you to complete.

So why not test yourself and see what you know?

Try our free short quiz which is only 10 questions long and should only take you 10 minutes to complete. The great news is that by clicking on the link below, it will take you to the quiz and we have also given you access to 2 free lessons on “Developing Professional Practice (5DVP)”. No catch, just click the link below. You will only need to insert your name and email address and then you are in…

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