Project Management Classroom Course
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Project Management Classroom Course

Course Information

A 3-day workshop designed for those who manage or are about to be managing small to medium sized projects.

Whether you are responsible for monitoring, budgets, planning, communication or the coordination of a project, this course will enable you and your team to manage projects from initial brief and sign-off through to delivery and monitoring to close-down, legacy and handover.

During the course, you will work on a practical project covering the areas below:

  • Common terminology associated with project management
  • The key characteristics of all projects
  • What a project manager does and what makes a good project manager
  • How to set objectives which align with business goals
  • What a business case is and why a project must always have one
  • How to identify the roles and responsibilities of your project team
  • The importance of identifying and managing stakeholders throughout and how to plan stakeholder communications
  • The importance of adequate planning by writing a project plan
  • How to create a Work Breakdown Structures to identify and plan the work
  • Identify a risk management technique to help you assess risks and avoid failure of your project
  • How to schedule tasks and how to apply the critical path technique to help you deliver your project on time
  • How to forecast effectively.
  • The pitfalls of estimation and learn an effective way of estimating work
  • How to set up, monitor and control budgets
  • How to track progress in order to keep your project on course
  • Explain how effective reports can make the difference to enable you to track your project effectively
  • Explain how to manage change without jeopardizing your project (How to deal with contradicting needs between the customer, project manager and project team)
  • How to close a project and hand over power
  • How to improve your project management practices in future using lessons learned

Course Delivery


Entry Requirements

This qualification is ideal if you are have project management responsibilities but no formal training, and are serious about developing your abilities. It’s particularly suited to practising team leaders, supervisors and managers who also want to develop their project management skills further.

There are no real entry requirements to this course though we will check that this course suits your needs – this is usually through an informal telephone conversation or email.

Course Duration

Start Date: TBC

Finish Date: TBC

The course is planned for 8 consecutive weeks, each lesson is 2 hours in duration and planned for evenings starting at 18.30 and finishing at 20.30


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