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How to deal with stress?

What do you know about dealing with stress? We have put together a free short quiz so that you can test yourself on your dealing with stress knowledge! Don’t worry, the quiz is only 8 questions long and should only take you 8 minutes to complete. The great news is that if you enjoyed doing […]

How to plan your project

Your manager has just asked you to project manage the office move. Where do you start? Who should you involve? This may seem like a daunting task, but with careful planning, everything will fall into place. Often managers fail to plan projects and would prefer to just get on with it. However, what many managers […]

What do you know about Project Management?

Project management is an area that most of us will come in to contact with at some point in our careers and sometimes we are managing projects without even realising it! So I thought it would be fun for you to test your knowledge of what project management is and I have put together a […]

How to use Solutions Based Coaching

Benefits of Coaching There are numerous benefits to solutions based coaching in the workplace, such as: Improved performance and productivity for both the individual and the team. Staff development – coaching is a source of effective learning. Improved relationships between the manager coach and staff member coachee, but also between the coachee and the rest […]

What do you know about Coaching?

When coaching gets mentioned within a work environment there is usually lots of confusion over what it actually is. Some people think it is sitting with someone and showing them what to do, some people think it involves physical activity and some people get it confused with mentoring. So I thought it would be fun […]

Are you an Emotionally intelligent leader?

Following my recent blog on Emotional Intelligence, I am going to focus in this blog on ways that you can improve your emotional intelligence and become a more effective leader. Self-awareness If you’re self-aware, you can tap into your own feelings and understand how your emotions affect your actions, and how your actions can affect […]